Flush Floor rinsing system

The patented floor rinsing system Flush Floor is a proprietary novelty. For the dairy farmer it is very important that the floor has been adequately cleaned, so no milk and manure residues remain on the floor. The Flush Floor makes it possible.

The purchase of the Flush Floor system ensures a clean, slip-resistant floor and reduction in labour for many years to come.

The unique Flush Floor system is custom-made and suitable for both new buildings and renovation situations. The floor rinsing system is entirely in stainless steel and will be incorporated in a milking pit edging.

It replaces the traditional milking pit edging. The removable stainless-steel sprayers have been incorporated high up in the edging, which greatly reduces the risk of hoof damage.


The Flush Floor rinsing system is available with an automated switch box. This allows rinsing for an adjustable period of time after fence movement, so that milk and manure residues are removed between rounds of milking.


  • Completely made of stainless steel and therefore sustainable
  • High position of the sprayers prevents hoof damage
  • Flush Floor is custom made
  • Suitable for new buildings and renovation situations
  • Replaces traditional milking pit edging
  • Saves a lot of manual work and time
  • Clean non-slip floor to which milk and manure residues do not stick
  • Minimises the chance of cross-infection
  • Modest water consumption
  • Livestock-friendly signal to let the cows exit the milking parlour
  • Ensures a clean accessible floor between rounds of milking

Technical information

  • The Flush Floor rinsing system has been developed in such away, that with as little water as possible and low pressure the best performance can be obtained
  • The Flush Floor is suited to operate on a hydrophore installation with a capacity of roughly 6 cubic metres per hour at 4 bar
  • The floor stays damp, so that the milk and manure residues do not stick, and the floor remains accessible
  • Measurements possible up to 6000x4000
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration