Sustainability is our priority

In our new premises, we have focused on sustainability and made significant investments to achieve this. The entire building is heated by geothermal energy using under floor heating, reducing our gas consumption to almost zero. As a result we more than satisfy the current strict EPC standard and our CO2 emissions from heating are extremely low. The use of under floor heating also means that inert gas welding processes are unaffected and our expert staff work in comfortable conditions. An additional advantage is that the system provides excellent cooling during the warm summer months so we do not need energy-guzzling air-conditioning.

Sustainable anticorrosion for your constructions and machinery

To give your construction or equipment the longest possible life, we apply various steel anticorrosion techniques:

  • Zinc galvanisation: ​ The most frequently-used technique, beginning with an environmentally-friendly method of chemical cleaning and removal of grease and scale from the product. The component is then heated to approximately 460 degrees Celsius in a zinc bath. This gives all internal and external surfaces a zinc layer to protect against climate damage and other environmental influences. It ensures optimum duration of the life of the product.
  • Steel blasting and wet coating: A variety of coatings and multi-coat systems are available to suit different quality requirements. The components can be supplied in any colour and a guarantee certificate is provided.
  • Powder coating: This anticorrosion technique is becoming increasingly popular. Powder coating can be either single or double layer and can be supplied in any colour. The powder is sprayed onto the component using a special process, then heated in an oven to convert it into a protective layer. Van Dinther BV works closely with several partner organisations specialised in these anticorrosion techniques. They help us to produce high quality products using environmentally-friendly methods.