Ergo Floor height adjustable milking pit floor

The Ergo Floor is a very stable, height adjustable milking pit floor. We can produce this to your specifications for any required shape, length and width. The non-slip grates are made out of plastic and are available in several colours. The height adjustment allows the milker to easily raise or lower the platform to any height desired. This way the milker finds himself always at the perfect ergonomic working height.

On top of the existing concrete floor or on the walls, a frame with pivoting arms will be fitted lengthways. These are held parallel and at equal heights by an adjustable bar. The arms are covered with plastic rollers that support a U-shaped profile. These U-shaped profiles support grid shelf profiles on which the plastic non-slip grates are laid.

The bars are held and operated completely parallel by hydraulic cylinders. The robust construction creates a very stable and robust milking pit floor which is suspended. The milker will notice no difference in a fixed floor or in this stable adjustable milking pit floor.


  • The Ergo Floor is also available as a fixed floor, so that the moveable mechanical parts can be built in at a later date
  • Available also in rounded model for the benefit of a rotary parlour, custom-made
  • Multiple colours are available on request


  • A very stable and robust adjustable milking pit floor
  • Always the most favourable ergonomic posture, protects the back and minimises physical demands placed on the operator
  • Length differences of the milkers present no longer a problem. Everyone works at their ideal working height
  • Variable and reliable electric hydraulic controls with simple push-button operation
  • A large vertical adjustment range of roughly 320 mm from the milking pit floor
  • Calculated and tested on heavy-duty operation and capacity
  • Low-maintenance mechanics with plastic bearings
  • Strong non-slip open grates available in green and blue, other colours on request
  • Installation on the concrete floor or on the milking pit walls, installation package height Ergo Floor 520 mm

Technical information

  • By default, with 380 V/1,5kw powerful and energy-efficient hydraulic controls
  • 380V hydraulic compact unit with electric push-button operation
  • In case of a hydraulically operated milking parlour, the hydraulic unit can be combined
  • Plastic low-maintenance bearings and rollers
  • Variable adjustment Ergo Floor, vertical height at least 320 mm
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration