Cross Over fold-away feeding passage

The Cross Over fold-away feeding passage is incorporated in the feeding passage and can be quickly opened or closed at the press of a button. The surmountable Cross Over fold-away feeding passage provides daily working convenience and allows free passage of the cows and better pathways. In addition, this prevents manure or other contamination from ending up in the valuable feed.

The Cross Over fold-away feeding passage is a hydraulically operated feeding passage available in any desired size, height 105 mm and can be folded away in 2 parts. A Cross Over is custom-made to fit your needs. Because of the smooth and vibration-free hydraulic controls, reliability and long operational life are ensured. The strong and tough subframe can carry the high pressures of point loads and transfer it to the concrete substructure.

The hydraulic cylinders are raised up in cylinder cabinets so that they are protected from manure, urine, and moisture off the feed. If required, the covered cable pipes supplied can be cast in concrete, in which the hydraulic hoses will be embedded and protected.

Push-button operation with a 380V / 3kW compact generator that can be mounted on a console.

The whole construction will be hot dip galvanised and delivered in parts suitable for assembly. Because of the smart hydraulic controls, the Cross Over fold-away feeding passage runs smoothly, vibration-free, and silently, which limits the mechanical load and wear to a minimum.


  • Additional control point
  • Different installation heights possible
  • Thicker plate type
  • Different building forms


  • Safe landings, the valves are in open position across the dead centre
  • Due to mobile fencing, the feeding passage and the walking routes of the cows are separate
  • Very strong and tough landing parts in an open functional frame structure
  • Calculation based on high axle load (statically 10 tonne) and a long operational life
  • Fluent vibration-free and reliable hydraulic controls
  • Cylinders raised up and protected from manure and aggressive moisture off the feed
  • Electric control cabinet with 2 functions, the engine only runs during operation
  • Raised edges as part of the protection of the feed and feeding passage
  • On the cylinder cabinets a passage
  • Advice and assistance with technical drawings

Technical information

  • Floor with a high permissible static capacity
  • Upper plate from 5/7 mm thick steel diamond plate
  • Hydraulic unit with a capacity of 380V and 3 kW
  • Format cylinder cabinets as walls for feeding, frame to be set in concrete equipped with reinforcing anchors
  • By default, installation height 105mm, can be adjusted so that the feeding passage and the landing on top get at the same level
  • Heights greater than 105 mm on request and possible after consultation
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration