Classic goat- or sheep milking parlour

The Classic is a goat or sheep milking parlour based on the rapid exit concept. The Classic milking parlour is an economically attractive and tried-and-tested concept with each part of the fence fixed to the ground. The goats or sheep enter the milking parlour one after the other. As soon as the first goat takes its place in the first position, it opens the entrance to the second position, etc.

Because they are lightweight, the sound-absorbing plastic gates open easily and are also easy to clean.

After milking, the front gate is raised by means of a pneumatic installation and it allows the goat or sheep to walk away simultaneously.

The carefully thought through construction is easy to install and expand at a possible later date. The Classic is very well suited for intensive use for a long operational life.

Feeding in the Classic

Feeding in a goat / sheep milking parlour has become an integral part for a lot of dairy farmers. A possible reason for feeding the goats / sheep is to lure them into their place in the milking parlour or for providing dosed concentrated feed. To make this possible, there is an optional plastic feeding trough in our delivery programme.


Latch with central release mechanism 

For an even smoother and easier milking, there are optional latches for the selection gates. The selection gate is fixed in the open position, making the milking process go smoothly, particularly in the case of very restless yearlings. A central release switch ensures that the selection gates close again in only one movement, after the goats/sheep have left the milking parlour.


  • Content feeding troughs 4.5 litre for concentrate feed provision
  • Silent hydraulic climate resilient controls
  • Broader position widths possible
  • Latches with a central release mechanism, so that the gates can remain open


  • Robust and compact construction for long operational life
  • Economically attractive milking parlour
  • Sound-absorbing plastic panels in front section, side fences and rear gates. These are easy to clean.
  • The plastic panels have been finished in such a way that there are no edges to bite on
  • User-friendly milking parlour with a good overview of the goats or sheep
  • Application large feeding troughs at a height of ca. 400/500 mm

Technical information

  • Standard position width 400 mm centre to centre
  • Low-maintenance, non-spring-loaded gates with stainless steel hinge pin. These ensure a good entry for both large and small goats or sheep. The gate prevents the animals from passing underneath
  • By default, supplied with pneumatic control and driving for the front gate
  • Walk-through height 1000 mm
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration