Premium quick-change milking parlour

This quick-change milking parlour is a milking parlour of which the fencing pivots up 72 degrees while changing, so that a broad exit path is created. This should give the cows enough space to exit the milking parlour calmly and seamlessly.

The entire construction consists of a framework to which the breast barrier has been attached by using a heavy hinge sleeve, resulting in a robust milking parlour that can also be installed in situations in which the walls are less stable. This is allowed by the ingenious portal frame which reduces the forces on the floor.

With this parlour, the cows enter the milking parlour one after the other. After the first cow opens a gate and has settled, a gap is created in which the next cow can place itself. By means of the unique shape of the gate, the cow will smoothly place itself as soon as it walks to its position, so that the milker can easily and optimally access the cow. The cows have got an individual position, which allows them to be milked quickly also when the milking parlour is only partially filled.

After a signal from the milker, the breast barrier between the cows will be lifted in a rotating way, in order to create a broad path in which the cows have enough space to exit the milking parlour smoothly and calmly.   

By default, the Premium milking parlour is supplied with reliable pneumatic controls and is optionally available with silent hydraulic controls. If required, this milking parlour is also available with stainless steel feeding troughs. We have developed this milking parlour because of the growing demand for a robust milking parlour, suitable for a high milking capacity in a relatively small space. The central frame has been attached to the framework and is completely self-supporting, which is beneficial with respect to the cow’s accessibility.  By default, this is protected by means of a stainless steel manure plate (manure gutter optional) and kick protection, so that the hygiene and safety of the milker will be ensured.


  • Manure gutter including grate, transparent plate, or open central frame
  • Position width of 720 or 750 mm
  • Swinging stainless steel feeding troughs for concentrated feed individually or in groups
  • Stainless steel cabinet for protecting pipelines and equipment
  • Entry gates supplied to suit your requirements, with fencing for entry funnel
  • Silent hydraulic climate resilient controls
  • In case of hydraulic control, an energy-efficient automatic start-stop system is available


  • Robust and compact construction for long operational life
  • The central frame has no supports and is equipped with kick protection for safe milking
  • Construction from portal frame system, equally suitable for milking parlours with less stable walls
  • Low-maintenance selection gates with rubber coating and grease nipples
  • Low-maintenance milking parlour as standard with reliable electro-pneumatic controls
  • Allows large milking capacity in a relatively small space
  • Concrete edging can be added to milking parlour, reducing floor area to be cleaned by approx. 10%
  • The cylinders for operation are safely constructed in the uprights

Technical information

  • Standard position width 700 mm centre to centre
  • By default, stainless steel manure plate and kick protection
  • Pneumatic installation with electrical controls
  • Self-supporting set-up by means of the portal frame construction
  • The walk-through distance between selection gates and central frame is adjustable
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration