Herd Mate crowd gate for goats

The Herd Mate crowd gate has been developed for smooth and easy driving of goats or sheep. The shovelling crowd gate is able to gradually drive big herds of animals in a livestock-friendly way, to create an optimal milking capacity and workplace convenience. Because of its shovelling operation, the substructure is moved backwards high above the next group of goats before driving them. Consequently, the herds of animals can be kept separate and allows an optimal and continuous milking process.

Because of the robust and powerful transmission, many dimensions are available and even sloping waiting areas present no problems.

The Herd Mate crowd gate is a carefully thought through solution, in which all the knowledge and experience acquired over recent years has been taken into consideration. Despite the strong presence of straw dust etc. in goat or sheep farms, the roller chain transmission of this crowd gate remains reliable. By pulling itself up and down two roller chains, 100% synchronisation and traction is ensured, with no slipping. That is why its use in sloping waiting area presents no problems.

Transmission of the horizontal movement as well as lifting and lowering the substructure is done using powerful, silent, electric motor units. The operating unit supplied ensures easy operation from the milking platform. With every forward movement, the buzzer on the operating unit gives a recognisable signal. Because of the ingenious transmission and operation, the Herd Mate crowd gate is an extremely reliable and low-maintenance solution.

The Herd Mate crowd gate is custom-made with a complete range of options, fencing, and gates, as required for the optimal configuration of the waiting area.


  • A combination with an open or closed fencing return route
  • Substructure either open with gauze 50x50 or closed with aluminium plates
  • Radio remote control
  • Multiple crowd gates in series to make optimum effective use of the waiting area


  • Efficient flow into the milking parlour
  • Reduction in labour and shorter milking time
  • This crowd gate is built for a long operational life and intensive use
  • Suitable for use in flat or sloping waiting areas
  • Smooth and stress-free driving of livestock into the milking parlour with a smooth and livestock-friendly start-up of movement
  • Climate-proof, unaffected by frost and heat
  • Indicator lights are present on the crowd gate, in order to make the operation of the crowd gate visual
  • Available according to your specifications for any required shape, length and width
  • Reliable, energy-efficient electrical motor operation
  • Shovelling operation as standard, the fence can be moved backwards high above the animals
  • Robust roller chain transmission, no slipping and suitable for use in a sloping waiting area
  • Rail can be mounted at the highest possible level, with as much free space underneath as possible

Technical information

  • Can be fabricated according to the dimensions and specification with the options to suit your requirements
  • Guide wheels and axles have ball bearings, and all components comply with ISO standards
  • Crowd gate supplied assembled for easy installation on site, with assembly manual
  • Maximum power consumption 2 x 370 Watt / 380 V
  • Industrial professional flat cable feed rail
  • Push-button operation from the milking pit and a fixed control panel on the crowd gate
  • Buzzer during forward movement crowd gate
  • Duration/length forward movement infinitely adjustable
  • Roller chain protected in the track profiles
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out, track profiles sendzimir galvanised
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration