Easy Mate crowd gate

The Easy Mate is a reliable and solid crowd gate, provided with smooth hydraulic controls. An Easy Mate crowd gate provides years of efficient livestock driving and significantly reduces labour.

The Easy Mate crowd gate has been designed for intensive use in medium-sized and large dairy businesses, where reliability and working convenience is important.

The Easy Mate makes possible a smooth and constant filling of the milking parlour. Because of its low and compact design, it is suitable for installation in existing situations and during renovations.

In the waiting area tracks are placed which, depending on the configuration, are placed on truss consoles or on fencing. A heavy-duty drive chain is positioned in these guide tracks, on which the crowd gate will move. The travel and lifting movement is provided by a reliable and smoothly operating hydraulic unit. Because of the powerful operating system, the Easy Mate is suitable for both flat and sloping waiting areas.

With an Easy Mate crowd gate working in production groups will be easy and straightforward.

When a group of livestock is driven into the milking parlour, the next group can follow behind the crowd gate. When the first group is in the milking parlour, the fencing can be raised upwards, so that the entire fencing can return over the livestock.

If required, the Easy Mate can be fitted with a manure scraper and a water spray system for a clean waiting area.


  • Combination with a manure scraper, operating forwards or backwards and/or water spray system
  • Pressure arms on the manure scraper to increase the pressure on the floor
  • Pressure-dependent controls
  • A programmable PLC control system
  • Lamellar braking unit, parking brake with sloping areas
  • Custom-made, can also be supplied with different waiting area configuration and return route
  • Permanently cabled controls
  • Fencing fitted with steel tubing


  • Efficient flow into the milking parlour
  • Reduction in labour and shorter milking time
  • Tracks can be combined with fencing for return route
  • No electrified fencing or equipment, which means no stress in the waiting area
  • This crowd gate is built for a long operational life and intensive use
  • Suitable for use in flat or sloping waiting areas.
  • Can be combined with an open or closed fencing return route
  • Smooth and stress-free driving of livestock into the milking parlour with a smooth and livestock-friendly start-up of movement
  • Low, compact design also suited to waiting areas with a height restriction
  • Reliable, livestock-friendly system with precise power control
  • Climate-proof, unaffected by frost and heat
  • Indicator lights are present on the crowd gate, in order to make the operation of the crowd gate visual
  • Compact and reliable, low-maintenance construction. Also suitable for renovation situations

Technical information

  • By default, with 380 V/1,5kw powerful and energy-efficient hydraulic controls
  • Can be fabricated according to the dimensions and specification with the options to suit your requirements
  • Guide wheels and axles have ball bearings, and all components comply with ISO standards
  • By default, fencing with polypropylene anchor cables
  • Crowd gate supplied assembled for easy installation on site, with assembly manual
  • Electric control box, fitted as standard with a radiographic transmitter & receiver
  • Industrial professional flat cable feed rail
  • Buzzer during forward movement crowd gate
  • Duration/length forward movement infinitely adjustable
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration