Footloose goat- or sheep milking parlour

The Footloose goat or sheep milking parlour is a rapid-exit milking parlour. Its structure is a self-supporting frame, with a ground support after every 7 stalls. The goats or sheep enter the milking parlour one after the other. As soon as the first goat takes its place in the first position, the entrance to the second position opens, etc.

Because of its self-supporting structure, the Footloose gives the milker a clear overview of the milking parlour. The plastic panels can be cleaned easily and effectively. The panels are also sound-absorbing, creating a pleasant working environment for the milker.

The gates rotate on stainless steel hinge pins without springs, which makes them low-maintenance and allows proper closure.

Available as an option: Selection of which individual gates in the Footloose milking parlour should be opened.

For an even smoother and easier milking process, there are optional latches available for the selection gates. The selection gate is fixed in the open position, resulting in a smooth milking process, in particular for very restless yearlings. A central release switch ensures that the selection gates close again in a single movement, after the goats/sheep have left the milking parlour.


  • Silent, hydraulic, climate-resistant controls
  • Broader position widths possible
  • Latches with a central release mechanism, so that the gates can remain open
  • Gates that can be opened individually
  • Bar mechanics fitted with corner wheels with ball bearings and roller chain
  • Electric controls



  • Robust and compact construction for long operational life
  • Sound-absorbing, easy-to-clean plastic panels in front section, side fences and rear gates.
  • The plastic panels have been finished in such a way that there are no edges to bite on
  • User-friendly milking parlour with a good overview of the goats or sheep
  • Self-supporting frame with only one ground support for every +/- 7 positions

Technical information

  • Standard position width 400 mm centre to centre
  • Low-maintenance, non-spring-loaded gates with stainless steel hinge pin. These ensure a good entry for both large and small goats or sheep. The gate prevents the animals from passing underneath.
  • By default, supplied with pneumatic controls and drive for the front gate
  • Walk-through height 1000 mm
  • Hot-dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE-conformity declaration