Compact rapid exit milking parlour

This rapid exit milking parlour is characterised by its simple, but very robust self-supporting construction. Due to its pneumatic controls, it is an economically attractive milking parlour. Despite its low overall height, this milking parlour has a more than sufficient passage height. Thanks to a modular construction system, it can be installed quickly in both new or renovated buildings.

The cows enter this milking parlour one after the other. As soon as cow number one has placed itself in the first position, a space opens up, so that cow number two can place itself in the second one, etc.  The short walking lines contribute to a high quick-change capacity. The gates are non-spring-loaded gates and close smoothly and silently because of its unique construction. In addition, the gates allow good milking in only a partially filled milking parlour. The Compact milking parlour is unique in the quick changeover and flexible measurements. The free space without supports between the cows, allow for a problem-free exit of the milking parlour.

The cow can stand comfortably in the further developed breast barrier. This ensures a stress-free environment for the cows. After milking, the breast barriers move vertically upwards pneumatically and do not swing forward or backward. After all the cows have left the milking parlour simultaneously, the breast barriers can be lowered. A new group can enter the milking parlour. Behind the cows, the milking pit is protected by a stainless steel manure plate or gutter for maintaining good hygiene.




  • Manure gutter including grid, transparent plate, or open central frame
  • Position width of 720 or 750 mm
  • Lockable stainless steel feeding troughs for concentrated feed individually or in groups
  • Stainless steel cabinet for protecting pipelines and equipment
  • Entry gates supplied to suit your requirements, with fencing for entry funnel
  • Silent hydraulic climate resilient controls
  • Hydraulic controls, providing an energy-efficient automatic start-stop function is available


  • Robust and compact construction for long operational life
  • The central frame has no supports and is equipped with kick protection for safe milking
  • Breast barriers move upwards vertically, do not swing forward, and therefore require minimal installation space
  • Low-maintenance selection gates with rubber coating and grease nipples
  • Due to its compact measurements ideal both for new and renovated buildings
  • Economically attractive milking parlour
  • Front gate moving only vertically upwards, allows broad exit lane
  • Low-maintenance milking parlour as standard with reliable electro-pneumatic controls

Technical information

  • Frame and breast barrier made of heavy-duty, locally reinforced profile tubing
  • Front gate moving vertically upwards with a free walk-through space of 1650mm
  • Uprights made of thick-walled tubing, with an adjustable screw-on base plate
  • Standard position width 700 mm centre to centre
  • By default, stainless steel manure plate and kick protection
  • Pneumatic installation with electrical controls
  • Equipped with a unique and reliable pull bar lift system
  • Shock-proof nylon diabolo-guided rollers with stainless steel axles
  • Hot dip galvanised construction, inside and out
  • Supplied with assembly and instruction manual and CE conformity declaration